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Every human being must be treated with respect and dignity. It’s time to enforce laws and policies to protect every constituent—no matter what circumstance they may be in. Every person should have the same opportunity and access to live the American dream. As stated in our Declaration of Independence, “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


As a small business owner, Jesús knows the difficulties and complications of growing a business many owners can face. He strongly believes small businesses deserve better resources in order to operate efficiently. Recent world events have changed the way business should be conducted and proper measures and legislation needs to be established to protect small business owners in such cases.


As an educator, Jesús believes in the foundation of a solid education in order to persevere toward a better future. With his wife being a teacher and both kids attending public schools in Orange County, Jesús understands the value in a good school system being available to everyone who has a desire to learn. A society without a solid education is a society without a future. There are many issues affecting our communities and Jesús is committed to be the voice to reform the public-school system and to provide better working conditions for our teachers.


Homeownership is a critical issue in the state of Florida. Thousands of families experience enormous challenges and obstacles to become homeowners. Serving families as a real estate and mortgage lending professional, Jesús has seen the struggles families have endured to acquire a property. Strict guidelines more often than not can complicate the home buying process for most buyers. Jesús is dedicated to advocating for more aid and resources to help renters become owners. More can be done, and his commitment is to do more.


Everyone should have access to healthcare. Healthcare affordability is a real problem in our country and high premiums, co-payments and high drug prices are issues needing to be addressed. Comprehensive healthcare reform is needed to make access affordable to every constituent. It is up to us to take care of our seniors as well as to set up an accessible system for generations to come.


Our experience with COVID-19 has drastically affected many businesses locally and nationally. Thousands of families have been impacted by layoffs resulting in high unemployment. In addition to the challenges many families are facing on a day-to-day, our unemployment systems needs to be upgraded to meet current demands to help those who need it most. We need to focus on producing a sustainable local economy. Jesús is devoted to advocating for sustainable economic development and job creation for our families.


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