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Jesús Martínez


Married to his high school sweetheart with a family of two sons, Jesús Martínez relocated to Orlando, Florida back in 2001 to start a new and great adventure.


A respectable real estate broker, minister and advocate, Jesus was born in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, a master’s degree in Public Affairs with Distinguish Honors (concentration in non- profit organizations) from Universidad del Este and a Juris Doctor from Barry University School of Law in Orlando, FL.


Jesus has been deeply involved with the community of District 48 and Central Florida. He has used his credentials to serve hundreds of families with housing, mortgage lending and credit issues. He is an avid advocate for consumers and a fighter for those that has been abused for unlawful companies and individuals. Working in the real estate and mortgage lending for almost 21 years Jesus has been recognized by his peers in the real estate community. He loves to teach and train new colleagues in the business. His expertise extends to foreign clients and corporations looking for residential and commercial acquisitions in the state of Florida.






In addition to being a business owner, Jesus gives back to his local community as an ordained minister serving the Church of God since 1998. Alongside his wife Lynnette, Jesus has served in eight countries providing humanitarian relief, education and emotional care to disadvantaged communities. Additionally, he has served on a variety of ministerial assignments including working as a Senior Pastor at a local church in the Sky Lake area in Orlando, FL. In his spare time, Jesús enjoys being a volunteer basketball coach for his sons Esteban and Marcos neighborhood team.


He professed 7 years working with legal firms on civil cases; real estate, family, mediations, bankruptcy and immigration. His worked was pivotal during 2008-mortgage crisis providing support and facilitating resources to hundreds of families looking to avoid foreclosure. In addition, he is a former Florida Supreme Court County Mediator. While in law school, he was a drafting member of the first comprehensive legislation on fracking practices for the State of Florida “Florida Hydraulic Fracking Act”. 


Experience Summary

  • Analyst and Commentator on public policy and legal issues for various radio stations in Florida and Puerto Rico

  • Producer and host of Nuevo Hogar Show, Telemundo Broadcast Network and radio stations through Central Florida.

  • Worked as drafting member on legislation on public health issues such as the regulation of fracking practices in Florida.

  • Worked as an advisor on relations between non-profit organizations and government both locally and nationally

  • Serves on a board to serve faith-based organizations to serve disadvantage communities in Orlando, FL

  • Serves in multiple local government initiatives and leads discussions for disadvantaged communities in Central Florida

  • Invited by the White House in October of 2019 as a Hispanic leader for the “Hispanic Brief” on policy matters

  • Public speaker and host for first time homebuyer seminars

  • Youth Leader and Life coach for 22 years

  • President of the ACU Youth Organization at Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico which involved traveling to 8 different countries providing humanitarian work, and monitoring programs to improve the life of marginalized communities including: “Waraos Indians” in The Amazons, “Tolpan Indians” Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Panama, and Colombia

  • Serves in roundtable discussions and press conferences on Immigration and minority community issues

Meet Lynnette

Lynnette is a mother, wife, and teacher from San Juan, Puerto Rico who has lived in Orlando, Florida since 2001. She respects honesty, has a sparkle for anything creative, a love for humor, and a debatable ability for home-haircuts!

Teaching has always been her passion and helping ELL (English Language Learners) ranks at the top of her priority list.  Lynnette is a member of NABE (National Association for Bilingual Education) and a licensed facilitator/presenter for WIDA.  Her enthusiasm for teaching went from playing the role of a teacher with dolls and teddy bears in her backyard to completing a B.A. in Elementary Education.  After her children were old enough to make their own lunches, she returned to school to complete a M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language.  Following 14 years of teaching in the classroom, at the elementary and middle school levels, as well as an adjunct professor at Valencia College, East Campus, Lynnette currently works helping second language learners and their families as an ESOL Education Specialist. 

Lynnette is the proud “Uber-mom” of two very handsome and polite basketball-loving young men. 

Jesús, is her husband of 23 years and best friend of 30 years.  They have shared life; from jungle adventures with the Tolpan tribe in Honduras to working with disadvantage communities as a pastor’s wife.  She is also the wife of a kind and thoughtful husband who knows that the “no reason” roses still make her smile.  

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